Pelvitec BV
Rivium Westlaan 52
2909 LD Capelle aan den IJssel

T: +31 (0)10 303 22 90
F: +31 (0)10 303 22 91



  • Manual and Automated Testing
  • Selectable Testing Standards
    • AAMI-ES1
    • VDE-0751
    • TR62353 (IEC62353)
    • EC601-BAT (IEC60601 for battery-powered medical device)
    • AAMI-BAT (AAMI-ES1 for battery-powered medical device)
    • VDE-BAT (VDE-0751 for battery-powered medical device)
    • TR353-BAT (IEC62353 for battery-powered medical device)
    • IEC61010
    • IEC60601: ES601Plus provides the most complete testing to IEC60101, Second and Third Editions
  • Equipment Control Number and Test Record Data Storage
  • Automated Control of Peripheral Testing Devices
  • Large, graphical touch screen display
  • Over 1 MB of non-volatile memor
  • Interface to equipment management systems
  • Maintain over 18,400 control numbers on board
  • 24 editable safety test sequences
  • 6 editable ECG test sequences
  • 11 other autosequence modules for interfacing ES601 Plus to test devices such as defibrillator testers, infusion pump analyzers and pulse oximeter testers
  • 500 editable PM test procedures which can be linked to a control number or run independently
  • The most complete implementation of international electrical safety standards testing available, with implementation of signal I/O isolation tests and specific tests for battery-powered devices
  • USB and Ethernet connectivity
  • Connections for RS-232 barcode scanner and PS/2 keyboard or PS/2 barcode scanner