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ES601 Plus


The ES601 Plus has a large, graphical touch screen display providing excellent visibility with a full QWERTY keyboard and numeric keypad for data input.


The large internal memory has over 1 MB of non-volatile memory and had loads of room for test results and equipment lists.


Other features include: manual and automated testing, selectable testing standards, equipment control number and test record data storage, automated control pf peripheral testing devices, maintains over 2975 control numbers on board, 24 editable safety test sequences, 6 editable ECG test sequences, 11 other autosequence modules for interfacing ES601 Plus to test devices such as defibrillator testers, infusion pump analyzers and pulse oximeter testers, 500 editable PM test procedure which can be linked to a control number or run independently, has the most complete implementation of international electrical safety standards testing available, with implementation of signal I/O isolation tests and specific tests for battery powered devices, USB and Ethernet connectivity, and connections for RS-232 barcode scanner and PS/2 keyboard or PS/2 barcode scanner.


ES601Plus Automated Electrical Safety Analyzer represents the next generation of electrical safety testers, providing a new era of ease-of-use and user flexibility.