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Modes of Operation

Manual and remote


Oxygen Saturation (SpO2%)
97%, 93%, 90%, 80% and 70% presets for all supported oximeters
55% SpO2 preset available when testing Nellcor and Nellcor OEM oximeters


SpO2 Accuracy

± 1% @ 97%, 93% SpO2 (All supported oximeters)
± 1% @ 90%, 80%, 70% SpO2 (All supported oximeters except Datex, Invivo)
± 2% @ 90%, 80%, 70% SpO2 (Datex, Invivo oximeters)
± 1% @ 55% SpO2 (Nellcor and Nellcor OEMs only)


Heart Rate

Selections: 20 to 250 beats per minute (BPM) in 1 BPM steps
Presets: 30, 60, 90, 120, 180, 240 BPM
Accuracy: ± 1 BPM


Pulse Amplitude

Selections: Zero (no blood flow) to 100% (normal adult pulse) in 1% steps
Presets: 100%, 30%, 10% and 5%
Accuracy: ± 1%


Signal Artifact Selections:

Tapping (Spike artifact)
Shivering (Tremor artifact)


Preset Patient Types

The following patient types are preset/programmable, and can be rapidly accessed via the AUTO pushbutton.
Normal Adult
Low Perfusion
No Perfusion
Movement Artifact
Tremor (Shivering)


Alarm Testing Sequences

The Oxitest Plus 7 provides unique alarm testing of your pulse oximeters using the following five automated sequences. It allows measurement of the time needed by the pulse oximeter to automatically self-clear alarms. Alarm tests may also be used programmed via the RS-232 port.
Low Sat (SpO2%) - 97>70>97
High Rate (BPM) - 72>180>72
Low Rate (BPM) - 72>40>72
Low Signal (AMP%) - 100>3>100
Artifact (Motion) - ON>OFF


User Interface

Display - 20 character x 2 line
Contrast - Externally adjustable
Keypad - 15 keys
PULSE OX Manufacturer
SpO2 Percent Oxygen Saturation
HEART RATE (presets)
HR ? (+1BPM), ? (-1BPM)
PULSE AMP (presets)
PULSE AMP ? (+1%), ? (-1%)
AUTO (presets)
START/STOP (Alarm Test)
ERASE (memory)


Nellcor Port

Measures the resistor value in Nellcor®-technology based SpO2 sensors and selects the particular pulse oximeter SpO2 calibration curve (R-curve) to best match the characteristics of the sensor. This feature provides High-accuracy testing of Nellcor® disposable and re-usable SpO2 sensors



Up to 20 PASS/FAIL manual simulation settings and AUTO & ALARM TEST results are saved in battery-backed, non-volatile memory. Test results in memory can be printed as a TEST REPORT via optional external serial printer or downloaded via RS-232 port to computer.


Serial/Printer Interface

5 Pin MiniDIN connector
RS-232 Serial
Baud Rate: 9600 baud, 8N1
Print: 40-column format


ECG Trigger Signal

Logic pulse approximates the QRS complex width & timing for testing synchronized SpO2 measurements. Compatible with Nellcor® "C-Lock®" feature.
Output signal: 2.5 Volts (10k-ohm load)
Connector: 3.5 mm mini-phone jack


Power Supply

Battery: - 7.2V NiCad rechargeable
Capacity: - 1.4 Ah
Life: - 40 hours continuous use
Adapter: - Europe



North America:
IEC 1010:1990/92/95
(CE) EN 55022:1994 Class B
[ADD CE LOGO] EN 61000-4-3 Level A
IEC 801-4 Level B
IEC 801-2 Level B


All specifications are subject to change without notice