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Oxitest Plus 7


The versatile, handheld Oxitest Plus7provides the most advanced technology available in the market today for verifying the proper operation and performance of pulse oximeter monitors and modules throughout the clinical environment.


To further enhance your pulse oximeter testing requirements, Oxitest Plus 7 is compatible with Datrend's ES 601Plus and other automated test systems such as the Flukeģ Biomedical medTester 5000C.


Designed for compatibility with a wide variety of pulse oximeters, the Oxitest Plus 7 is the efficient, cost effective solution to your pulse oximeter testing requirements.

  • Exclusive Nellcor-Puritan Bennett sensor port, developed in cooperation with Nellcorģ.
  • This Industry-exclusive feature allows correct selection of the instrument's simulation output to the specific R-Cal value of the attached Nellcorģ probe.
  • Easy adjustment of five preset oxygen saturation levels, six preset heart rates and four preset amplitudes.
  • Signal Artifact simulations, preset patient parameters, Alarm Testing and Report printing.
  • 2x20 character LCD display gives you all the information you need...
  • Identifies the oximeter make and model.
  • Status indicator of the test in progress with seven status messages
  • Rate
  • Saturation
  • Pulse Amplitude