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DTP Software voor data opslag in PC


Infutest Series D provides you with a RS232 serial port and a parallel printer port, both conveniently located near the front of the instrument. To save summary reports or data logs on your PC, use the NEW Data Transfer Program (DTP).


Create detailed graphs and trumpet curves to IEC Standards on your PC. You can then create the complete printed record that you need for your purposes.


With Infutest 2000 Series D, set up time is minimal. Place a new infusion set or syringe in the pump, connect the input tubing sets, flush the system with clear water in the syringe provided and begin the test(s) you have selected.


Built and calibrated to exacting international standards, Infutest 2000 with the Series D innovations, meets or exceeds a wide variety of needs in hospitals, clinics, the home health care environment, third party services and in pump manufacturing facilities.