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Manual Menu Choices Basic test options provide quick flow or pressure tests
Horizontal Flow Through Design eliminate inaccuracies created by fill and dump technologies, and allows long term tests - limited only by the maximum volume of 9999 ml
Self Sealing Inputs Eliminates leakage sources during transport
Nurse Call output testing Checks function of Nurse Call alarms during occlusion pressure testing
PCA pump testing includes patient trigger function, bolus volume and rate measurement, and lockout time determination Centronics printer and RS232 serial outputs Full featured report generation to paper or computer. Serial interface allows complete remote control via computer or third party software RSM Module Expands your productivity to four channels Infutest 2000 Series D. - the only fully automated pump analyzer on the market - provides the way to maintain your testing and performance assurance program as your pump inventory grows, and your resources are stretched to the limit.
Series D provides accurate, simultaneous testing of two or four pumps quickly and efficiently, with measurable flows as low as 0.1 ml per hour to ensure maximum safety for the more critical infusions.
All the different pump types and makes are compatible with Infutest's patented, continuous, flow through system. Flows, Volumes, Pressures, KVO, Multiple Rates, Occlusion Pressure, PCA Bolus Volume and Lockout Time are all easily measured with Series D to satisfy manufacturer's recommended tests.
You have complete control over your own test protocols with the new Series D test measurement concepts.



Infutest 2000 has 9 user programmable sequences selected by pump manufacturer and model. Six are pre-programmed to get you started. Simple program sequences can be input via Infuedit software. You can change the pre-programmed sequences to suit the pumps in your inventory or to match your own test protocols.



The increased accuracy of Series D measurement is expressed as plus/minus 1% at 100 ml per hour for continuous flow and 2% for pulsatile flows.



This unique feature ensures the accuracy of your measurementsregardless of the pump start-up dynamics.



EIA provides an automatic, total infused volume calculation at the moment the stop key is pressed or the end of a preset time is reached.



Intelligent algorithms detect various flow patterns and show you the flow type on the LCD display. This "artificial intelligence" displays its continuing analysis on the LCD as a flow status indicator.



You choose the tests you want. Single Rate, Dual Rate, Occlusion Pressure to 50 psi or PCA test.



Series D provides instantaneous flow measurements up to 1700 ml/hr and total volume delivered up to 0-9999 ml. New self sealing input ports with needle restrictors meet the requirements of the IEC Infusion Pump Standard #601-2-24 part 2.
With Series D's unlimited flexibility, the choices are all yours - to mix and match pumps, start and stop tests at will, operate by remote control, interface with laptops and automated safety test systems, choose reports or data logs, print results and test nurse call capabilities, all in a user friendly format.
The large LCD screen provides the user with a variety of test selections and shows the test in progress, complete with graphs.